Silvia Lindtner

Lindtner researches, writes and teaches about the production and use of digital technology, with a particular focus on DIY (do it yourself) “maker” and open source culture and IT development in urban China. Her research explores themes of creativity and open innovation, digital media as sites of expression of selfhood and collectivity, and global processes of work and labor. Over the last six years, she has conducted in-depth ethnographic research in the areas of 1) digital media practices among youths and young IT professionals in China’s international cities and 2) technological, economic and cultural productions coming out of China’s nascent DIY and open source scene, comprised of geeks, bloggers, software and hardware engineers, electronic and new media artists, and tech entrepreneurs. She has also worked on research and design of digital media sharing systems and networked publics. Her work is located at the intersection of digital media and communication studies, information studies, science and technology studies, cultural anthropology, and China studies.