Seda Gurses

 Seda is in the process of completing a post-doc at COSIC/ESAT working on privacy in social networks, requirements engineering, privacy enhancing technologies and identity management systems. She is also part of the Privacy and Identity Management Group in the same department. Starting September 2013, she will be joining Helen Nissenbaum and Erica Robles-Anderson at the Media, Culture and Communication Group, as well as the ISTC Social Computing project.

 Seda completed her PhD titled "Multilateral Privacy Requirements Analysis in Online Social Networks" at the Arenberg School in the group HMDB of the Computer Science Department, also at the (formerly) Catholic University in Leuven. She is the coordinator of the interdisciplinary project "Security and Privacy in Social Networks" (SPION) supported by the Agency for Innovation by Science and Technology (IWT) in Belgium and participated as a researcher in two EU projects "Trusted Architecture for Securely Shared Services" (TASĀ³) and "Global Identity Networking of Individuals" (GINI) where she continued her research on privacy and security requirements engineering.

In addition to her research activities, she is a fan of feminist critique of computer science, an admirer of FLOSS practice and is member of different artistic project that bring these two elements together.