World Building and the Future of Entertainment

Date & Time: 
Wednesday, October 16, 2013 - 3:00pm to 5:00pm
Event Location: 
EVOKE Lab (2nd Floor of Calit2, Room #2100)

 ISTC Salon Featuring Tawny Schlieski of Intel Labs

There is a new thing coming in entertainment. An entirely new form that is immersive, participatory and collaborative. This new form breaks down the old walls between author and fan, and enables a visceral story experience for a wide audience and a new, highly collaborative world-as-story-generator for creators. On October 16, Tawny Schlieski from Intel's Experience Opportunity Lab is coming to UCI to talk about the emergence of this new thing, and how it changes the landscape of the entertainment industry. This talk is part of a regular series of ISTC-Social Salons throughout the coming term.

While reviewing the following recommended materials is not mandatory, reading these pieces may stimulate your thinking and shine a little light on the range of impacts this new thing in entertainment is already having across the industry. For those of you with an interest in how the world we're building is changing the business of Hollywood, there are two industry pieces. First: Disney's Virtual Camera System opens the virtual world to old school creatives:

Then to "Real Steel" for some robot boxing, and a sense of how virtual production and built digital worlds shift both creativity and efficiency:

Finally, the worlds we are creating are built inside game engines, less because we think these worlds are games, and more because game engines are the tools we have available. The gaming industry, however, continues to be a major force in driving the viability of purely digital narrative. Tom Bissell's write up on "LA Noire" is funny and strange, and will give you a sense of the deep passions in the game industry for story, and the big challenges of using a game to drive narrative: 



Tawny Schlieski is a research scientist and media expert in Intel Lab's Interaction & Experience Research group. Her work centers on new forms of capture and playback, audience engagement and multi-media story platforms. Her job is to merge social science and market insights, technology evolutions and imagination into pragmatic visions and compelling experiences. Her current work is focused on the possibilities for new forms of genuinely interactive narrative that can be enabled by rapidly evolving technical capabilities. Schlieski has a master's degree in political science from Duke University and has studied and worked in the theater throughout her career.


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